Looking for a Home: Lakewood Ranch Neighborhoods

Arbor Grande* ($300s – $500s)
Bridgewater* (Mid $300s – $700s)
Central Park (Mid $200s – $700s)
The Concession* (from $1.2 million to over $13 million)
Country Club East* (Mid $300s – over $1 million)
Del Webb* (High $200s – $700s)
Edgewater (Mid $200s – $700s)
Esplanade Golf & Country Club* (Mid $200s – over $1 million)
Greenbrook (High $100s – Mid $700s)
Harmony* (High $200s – $600s)
Indigo* (High $200s – $600s)
Lake Vista Condominiums (Mid $200s – Mid $300s)

Lakewood National Golf Club* (High $100s – $700s)
Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club (High $200s – over $2 million)
Mallory Park* ($200s – $700s)
Polo Run (Mid $300s – Mid $500s)
Riverwalk ($300s – High $500s)
River Club ($300s – High $800s)
Savanna* (Mid $300s to $700s)
Summerfield (High $100s – mid $400)
The Lake Club* ($750s – over $5 million)
Waterfront at Main Street* (High $300s – High $900s)
Watercrest (Mid $300s – Mid $500s)
Waterside (Info Coming Soon…)

* Indicates New Construction

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